Darija (read like there is no "j") Medic (the "c" read like "achoo" without the "a" and the "oo" ) is an explorer of (un)coded behavior through poetic media in the networked world. As artist, educator and cultural worker she is interested in labyriths of contemporary meaning making of cohabitiating with technology, as well as those of (de)coded relationality. She develops work in the context of media poetics, distributed cognition, materiality of interaction and politics of interface design within algorithmic culture through creating collective participatory processes for sensitizing points of digital mediation. She graduated from the New Media Art department at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in Serbia, Master Media Design and Communication master from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and is currently a PhD candidate at the Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the USA. She is a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Vojvodina, visiting lecturer at the Faculty for Media and Communications in Belgrade and associate researcher with

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