A speculative scenography of the cult magazine Računari, 23 years after the last one, inviting visitors to reimagine its historically controversial cover pages.

An improvisational performance in which participants enter the stage one by one, sit on a chair and pick up a letter with instructions. The note in the letter asks:" Imagine the chair youre sitting on is your phone, with all the notifications, reminders, unanswered emails and messages, endless browser tabs. How do you sit with it?"

Transgressive bot forensics: Thinking About You as is a proposal for a contemporary forensic research creation to reverse engineer the case of the Microsoft TAY bot Twitter scandal.

Redirect art is a speculative software performance piece situated between the attention economy and embodied (un)learning. Entering the conventions of a website, the piece focuses on the potential of a technical url redirect protocol in its counter appropriation as a performance method, counter appropriating. The url redirect-art.xyz takes the visitor into a potentiality of directions through their interaction choices, slowing down the experience of html redirection in order to make it visible, while incorporating in it an invitation for embodying the act of redirection with intent. In this way redirect art works as a gesture of redirecting attention, through redirecting urls within the narrative of contemporary user experience interaction

Running as a public participatory performance, The Terms of Service Fantasy Reader is an ad-hoc public rehearsal of dramatizing Terms of Service agreements as an inquiry into the opaque conditions of consent, the recordings of which become part of a growing online web drama

A visual analysis and tracing of algorithmic data policing among the main social media actors, during the period when content moderators were "released home" due to COVID-19 social distancing measures

The Graphical User Intarface of the '80s explores the computer magazines of the '80s as key years for building the user and market imaginary around personal computers by placing visuals from the magazine in a format of an Instagram-like endless scroll.

What is This Exhibition Doing Here? Is the title of a performance that took place during the finissage of the exhibition Transpositional discourse of identity and space in SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Art) gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia.

I was invited to develop Transmitting is a Two Way Channel into a black box broadcasting station at the Art+Science:Makers exhibition, held in several locations in 2018. It was shown afterwards among the few chosen works to be shown at the University of Philosophy in Belgrade during January and February 2019.

Interactive installation and performative intervention conducted during the Internet Governance Forum 2019, using the open-source GPT-2  model to generate synthetic text based on the input of policy papers and transcripts from previous sessions at the IGF. 

On the surface level of this flag we see Hedy Lamarr surrounded by ornaments. The pictograms surrounding her are an encrypted collection of female South Eastern new media artists' personal records of their experiences working in the field. They speak of common issues and obstacles they as creators face, trying to take part in what is predominantly communicated as a masculine context. These testimonials are, however, encrypted through the Webdings font, creating a gap between what is on the level of visual representation and that what is hidden behind. The first acts as a metaphor for linking the feminine with the aesthetic realm and the second reflects the so often invisible side of lived experience.

Painters disconnected is a series of mobile phone screnshots showing Google image search for paintings of famous painters as they are shown before the web pages load. What they reveal is a mosaic of images with a predefined layout and color scheme for each search/artist.

Feminist typewriter is a performance of notation and feminist inscribing into history, as well as a reference to historical female guided writing through dictation and typing of dominant authoritative texts.

Global intelligence files is a piece of poetic computation and a synthesized version of the children’s game Chinese whispers, continuously translating leaked content from a secret service agency, such as emails that refer to language and Google translate as a legitimate method for creating “intelligence”.

A web and electronic art intervention that allows users to broadcast whatever they type in their browsers via Google's text to speech service on public FM radio.

A series of alternative GPS products that question the spaces and boundaries of belief in technology.

The South collection is a simulation of a museum experience in the form of a tour through a fictitious public art exhibition. The project transforms large closed objects into a work of public art, made by the designers and artists of public space, the city developers and policy makers.

Exercises in style of the everyday are an artistic exploration of language and translating- interpretation in the age of software mediated information using Google translate and the method of Chinese whispers

The South Collection is an intervention in public space through an identity correction creating an art collection out of rejected architecture and monuments.

An intervention in public space looking at the fruitful symbiosis of viruses and networks as contageous walled gardens, on the example of the H1N1 epidemic of 2010.

The Railway Files is an autoethnographic exploration of the Serbian Railways from a personal perspective of being their traveler for 4 years on a weekly basis.

Candy 2.0 is an edible interpretation of the semantic web and online communication through the means of a candy wrapper design

investigates the assumption connected to photography as a document created by conscious decision, as well as the impact of technology on everyday perception, and consequently, principles of framing.

On art and logic is an intervention on or within buildings of art institutions. a text inspired by dada, the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the contemporary diffusion of artistic practices was appearing on the streets of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zagreb.

A remediation of Post Secret, a website dedicated to people's secrets. The website posts anonymous contributions scanning contributor submissions. Contributors submit their personal secrets in the form of a physical postcard made with collage technique, which serves to both anonymize the author as well as to color the inner world and emotional landscape of a person.